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新高考作文素材:概要高分 65 句(附15句重要词句转换 )



1 Studies have proven that screen time may actually benefit kids under certain circumstances.

2 One of the benefits is that video chatting with grandparents helps strengthen family relationships.

3 Moreover, watching educational kid shows together with

parents can enhance childrens emotional development.

4 In both cases, kids are entertained and parents can liberate themselves for a while. 

5 Though commonly expected, progress can benefit people only with their acceptance of modern technology and pursuit of efficiency.

6 Advanced communication devices are to blame for the loss of personal visits despite their high efficiency.

7 The machine-made products also lack personal touch and for old products to survive. 

8 A great many animals in the world have become man’s friends, keeping them company, protecting them and doing hard work for them.

9 Domestic animals aren’t used to seeking accommodation themselves and will do whatever their masters expect only if their needs are satisfied.

10 To keep them healthy, humans need to feed the sick to get proper treatments, and their great qualities are well worthy of humna’s devotion and care.  

11 Despite the merits exercise brings,it is serious to become an exercise addict.

12 People have this problem usually because of the desire for losing weight. 

13 The charming villages have become more affordable and easier to visit than before.

14 Meanwhile, the pro camp including scientists and editors offers relevant facts to back up their beliefs.

15 In fact, the key to ensuring a successful career/cause, includes adapting oneself to society and character training such as creativity and a strong will as well as good test performance. 

16 Therefore, the admission policy needs adjusting now, and colleges should stop ignoring the quality education. 

17 Many people prefer light skin to dark skin believing that it helps improve their life and caters to the social standard of beauty. 

18 Therefore, skin-lightening products are gaining greater popularity across many areas of the world. 

19 However, bleaching products containing chemicals have long-lasting harmful effects on physical health. 

20 What’s worse, it may fail to achieve expected results and cause emotional damage. 

21 Traffic jam, a major current unavoidable problem for citizens, is caused by increasing vehicles, which brings about many problems such as global warming and road safety .

22 To solve the problem, it is vital to reduce the booming number of private cars, which people own for various concepts. 

23 Besides, concrete measures should be taken to limit the number of private cars.

24 A policy started in 1974 by WHO which encouraged the use of traditional medicine to help with health problems in poor countries has brought about positive results.

25 Traditional medicines has gained global popularity including some western countries. 

26 They are also an important source for the production of effective modern medicines. 

27 Nevertheless, 3 concerns over it need to be noted along with the recommendations: drug safety, sustainable development, and drug patents. 

28 Using cell phones while driving distracts drivers and should be banned. 

29 Drivers have a higher rate of accidents when using phones.

30 Just like drunk driving, laws are needed to forbid drivers from talking on phones.

31Cell phones are important in emergencies and should be used wisely. 

32 To ensure safe driving, drivers had better not use them. 

33 Registering online is a good alternative to help them better understand schools.

34 Even a tour taken before they get accepted will be desirable for them to avoid much regret in the future.

35 Today, technology has a significant influence on our daily lives

36 Online communication can have a wide connection to others

37 Social networking and other interactive Internet tools are widely accepted. 

38 Though expected by everyone, progress brings no efficiency without peoples acceptance and practice of optimizing it. 

39 Actually, nothing but our attitude decides the influence of technology. 

40  Nowadays, a large number of enterprises use advertising as an instrument to increase their sales.

41 In fact, by tempting people into making wrong decisions, advertising makes profits for the selling. 

42 However, it’s not totally bad for us.

43 It’s normal for us to develop an awareness of the goods using the advertisements, and make decisions more rationally by contrast thanks to it. 

44 Advertising plays an important part in the business world, enabling companies to win more customers and promote sales of products. 

45 By conveying wrong ideas, it draws people to buy undesirable items. 

46 At the same time, it greatly affects people’s daily choices with more awareness about the advertised products. 

47 Nonetheless, it’s also beneficial for customers when they are in need of comparing products to make a wise decision. 

48  Crowds of students cheered as the teams came onto the field. 49 All the players gave a wonderful and breath-taking performance with a 2:2 final score. 

49 Not only does the match promote the friendship between us but also it arouses the students’ interest in sports. 

50 Both sides hope that more exchange activities will be held in the future.

51 Meanwhile, terrible though traditional energy sources are, the wide using of eco-friendly sources still needs time. 

52 Besides, the new sources may damage the balance of environment.

53 Consequently, economic growth is absolutely connected with environmental damage.

54 Teachers should praise and encourage rather than criticize students. 

55 So we can come to the conclusion that gaining economic growth without causing environmental damage is only a dream.

56 Some people criticized cyberspace for resulting in the loss of essential social skills.

57 The large quantities of products are at the cost of high quality and diverse creations. 

58 Besides, with abundant products being made, problems such as poor quality and lacking characteristic occur. 

59 Actually, progress can live harmoniously with traditional products. 60 And it’s people’s attitude that plays the key part.

60 Many people consider progress as a disaster, for it not only reduces personal visits but also decreases the quality and ruins various features of productions.  

61. However, the treatment doesn’t work equally in everybody and the reason is still unknown.

62. Another worry is its long term side effects on patients.

63. Thus, we could combine technology and human progress much closer and not lose ourselves in this modern society.

64. Failure is probably the most exhausting experience a person ever has. 

65. This tendency accounts for the phenomenon that many students take extra classes and even drugs.


提出问题: (现象,变化,影响,作用, 例举)

1. More and more (an increasing number of) experts argue (believe) that colors influence (affect) our mood, career and health.

2. What attracts customers? Obviously the logo contributes a great deal. (The logo plays an important role in / has a positive effect on attracting customers.)

3. The first metal detectors were meant to help miners. They cost a lot of money. And worst of all, they didn’t function properly. ( Metal detectors were first used to help miners, but they cost much, and didn’t work well. )

4. They are in airports. They are in courthouses. Some schools use them. (Many detectors are being used in many places such as schools, courthouses, and airports. )

5. The distance at which people stand when they speak tends to be smaller in China, while in Nordic cultures people usually stand further apart. ( For example, not all people stand at the same distance when speaking to others. )

分析问题 (原因,结果)

1. Their calls have become ten times louder, as the seas have become noisier than before. (Whales learn to shout as a result of increased noises in the ocean. )

2. As robots start doing more and more work we used to do, and doing it much more efficiently, what if the need for jobs disappears altogether? What if the robots end up... ( People worry about the problems caused by robots’ high efficiency and so on. )

3. Psychologists suggest there are several reasons for a shopping addiction. For some people, ... For others,... (There are different reasons why people become shopaholics, such as reducing stress, fighting loneliness and so on.)

4. Some studies show that patients suffering from depression were helped by simply taking a shower. ( Taking cold showers lead to less stress.)

5. Smoking is said to lead to more heart disease-related deaths. (Besides, smoking is more likely to cause heart disease- related deaths. )

解决问题 (目的,提倡,避免,想法)

1. What you should be looking for is flat ground. + If it’s possible, you are supposed to pitch camp in a shady place. (It is important/necessary to find flat ground with shade. )

2. Do not pitch your tent too close to dead trees, because of the danger of fallen branches. (However, it is not a good idea (not advisable) to place your tent next to dead trees, as you may be in danger of fallen branches.)

3. It is vital to have a strong image, which is immediately recognisable. We should renew logos constantly. (To be better recognized, logos should be renewed timely. 不定式和被动结构!)

4. By getting rid of the need for people to work, robots would free us up to think more about what really makes us human. (Furthermore, as robots save us a lot of labor, we humans should focus on thinking about the value of humans. 增加因果关系)

5. In fact, it’s a relationship without any responsibility. Wesch believes that it’s vital for people to use digital media in positive new ways. (Although Wesch points out that this relationship involves no real responsibility, he still insists that it is important for people to apply the digital media positively. 增加转折关系)




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